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ClubFitness Greensboro Optimizes Business Model and Billing with ABC Fitness 

May 3, 2024

“ABC Fitness has been instrumental in eliminating in-house billing and switching our business model from all-inclusive to fees paid for additional services.”  

Gary Castellano

COO, ClubFitness Greensboro

With two locations in Greensboro, NC, ClubFitness reached a point on their journey as a fitness business where a double major change in their business model and operations was required to keep thriving. They needed the technology and business partnership that would enable such a shift and would continue to effectively support it in the future.

The Challenges

  • In-house billing was unsuccessful and inefficient, and had to be eliminated  
  • Difficulty switching from all-inclusive business model to fees paid for additional services  
  • Lack of automated reports to see the big picture of business performance on a regular basis 

The Results

  • Collections are now done smoothly by ABC Fitness, and members are even grateful for reminder calls 
  • Ability to create new programs to create ancillary income from additional services  
  • Always up-to-date inventory and calendar 
  • Automated daily reporting to understand the state of the business 

Going forward ClubFitness Greensboro foresees the need to make decisions that will clarify their growth path and their target audience, as well as continue to refine their business model, to grow their member base consistently. In parallel, another top priority is to keep members engaged to increase ancillary income from additional services.

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