How Club16 Trevor Linden Uses ABC Ignite to Engage Members -

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How Club16 Trevor Linden Uses ABC Ignite to Engage Members

March 28, 2024

March 2024 Club of the Month, as seen in Club Solutions Magazine.

Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness, Vancouver, British Columbia, est. 2011

Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness came from a partnership between Trevor Linden, a former NHL player and previous NHL Player Association president, and Chuck Lawson, a fitness industry veteran. Lawson owned various franchises before starting Club 16 in 2011 and becoming president and CEO. The brand has grown to 17 locations including She’s FIT, a women-only part within every club or a separate standalone establishment.

Below, Lawson shares more on how values of inclusivity and belonging are at the core of everything the club does.

What is the mission of Club16? 

To give people their best life and inspire healthier communities by making fitness fun through our actions.


How would you describe the culture at your gyms? 

At Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness, we believe the journey to good health and fitness is for everyone, irrespective of age or fitness level. We’re not just about exercising; we’re about building supportive communities to live happier, healthier and well-connected lives. With a wide demographic of members ranging from age 20 to 60-plus, our approach is to welcome all. Whether you’re a workout enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, our inclusive environment provides the perfect backdrop to meet your goals in a space where you can truly be yourself. Step into any Club16 location and experience warm welcomes and positivity all around. Our ethos revolves around inclusivity — echoing the values Trevor Linden embodies — driving us to become the leading fitness destination in British Columbia.

How do you use ABC Fitness and ABC Ignite to engage members? 

We leverage ABC Fitness’ ABC Ignite as a powerful tool to enhance client and member engagement. ABC Fitness provides comprehensive management solutions, allowing us to streamline operations to serve both our prospective clients and current members. The ABC Fitness app serves as a dynamic platform for member interaction, allowing them to manage their services and plan/track personalized workout plans.


How has ABC Fitness and ABC Ignite helped your business? 

ABC Fitness’s ABC Ignite plays a key role in our business success. ABC Fitness’ platforms have enabled us to efficiently manage our facilities and optimize member experiences. By leveraging the features and capabilities of ABC Ignite, we’re constantly enhancing our member satisfaction and ultimately improving the overall success of our business.

What changes have you seen in your membership over the last year? 

In the past year our membership base has seen positive growth despite external market challenges. The insights from ABC Fitness assist us in supporting the more holistic approach to health and wellness among our members.

What’s a trend you’re seeing in the fitness industry that other operators should keep on their radar in 2024? 

In 2024, operators need to focus on the rising popularity of hybrid fitness experiences. To meet customers’ desire for flexibility, combining in-person and virtual workouts is key. Utilizing technology platforms for virtual training and building a digital community will be essential for staying competitive. Emphasizing sustainability efforts can also appeal to eco-conscious consumers and set operators apart in the market.