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ABC Fitness Boosts 4:13 Fitness Center’s Expansion 

May 1, 2024

“ABC Fitness's daily reports help me tremendously. They paint a daily picture for me of what is going on and what is needed by location. Without the certainty from those numbers, I would not have opened two more gyms.” 

Deuce Robertson

CEO, 4:13 Fitness Center

With 3 locations in Imperial County, CA, 4:13 Fitness Center has been able to grow with the confidence that only an accurate, clear, and daily picture of their business metrics can provide Before switching to ABC Fitness, they were using different point solutions and lacked accurate reporting, which created unnecessary complexity and inefficiencies, and undermined their plans to grow. 

The Challenges

  • Fragmented tools were causing a waste of time from duplicated data entry  
  • High turnover required training new staff on multiple tools that were also not easy to use  
  • Handling collections internally involved 150-200 calls per month, resulting in a waste of time and increased costs 
  • Lack of clear business performance metrics (e.g. number of members, cancellations, declined payments) was undermining their confidence to expand 

The Results

  • A unified platform simplifies work and frees up time to engage with members and improve retention  
  • ABC Fitness’s solutions are more user friendly, and new hires are now trained quickly and easily  
  • Collections are now outsourced to ABC Fitness, and more successful  
  • A complete and accurate view of critical business metrics by day and location has given 4:13 Fitness Center the confidence needed to open two additional clubs, and is enabling upcoming, more aggressive expansion plans

In the near future, they are looking to improve member experience through the club-branded member app. Building upon the confidence that Deuce Robertson gained from having a unified platform under one single umbrella, club automation implemented across different areas, and an accurate picture of the business that was key to deciding on their recent expansion, 4:13 Fitness Center is now looking to expand even more aggressively into other regions soon. 

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