Why Use Revenue Now

January 2, 2014

The Revenue Now program is a flexible and quick source of funds for your business. We simply advance funds against your future monthly receivables. The Revenue Now program allows you to grow proportionately with the growth of that receivables base.

Revenue Now – A Simple Process!

  • Typically, no financials are required
  • No facility fees – No audits – No up-front fees – No hidden fees
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • We have the ability to approve your funding request within one business day

Use the funds to:

  • Purchase new equipment
  • Pay taxes
  • Improve your club
  • Do a marketing campaign
  • Fund new location or whatever your needs may be

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Revenue Now Versus Receiving a Bank Loan
Banks like to make their decisions based on your credit and therefore applying is slow, tedious and unpredictable. If your credit is not perfect, you may not qualify. If your balance sheet is not strong, you may not qualify. If you are not profitable, you may not qualify. If you are in an industry the bank finds too risky, you may not qualify. It takes time for banks to dig around and identify all the risks. In other words, be patient and don’t wait for the last minute to apply.

If you are experiencing cash flow shortages, cannot obtain traditional financing or just need money to expand your business without all the red tape, call us at 866-420-6422 or email us at to see if you qualify.

Revenue Now is an affiliate of ABC Fitness Solutions.