Using Fitness Club Management Software to Increase Revenue

January 21, 2015

In today’s fitness-centered environment, owning and operating a gym or fitness club can be very lucrative. Whether your community is more drawn to Crossfit and spinning over yoga or Zumba, more and more people are making the decision to do the right thing for their health and well-being by joining a fitness club.

As gym membership numbers increase, however, so does competition within the industry. New facilities are moving into towns all over the nation, advertising high intensity workouts and trendy new revolutions in exercising. Suddenly and without warning, gyms that have always been community staples are losing customers to health clubs that are choosing to focus on current fitness fads.

Whether you are new or old, part of a chain or working independently, the need to stay competitive is paramount to your company’s success. Due to the wide variety in fitness options available to consumers, clubs have numerous ways to approach the issue, from upgrading facilities to offering new classes. Some gyms are even offering nutritional support by hiring dietitians or adding dining options. When you really want to top the rest, however, there’s one place to start that can easily give you the upper hand: organization.

Whether you’re currently keeping membership logs in a Word document or client billing addresses in your paper ledger, organization isn’t always a top priority for health clubs and fitness facilities. After all, your customers are more interested in the brand new equipment and latest trends, right? As it turns out, this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to keeping your client records organized, managing billing, tracking membership, and staying on top of your advertising, a comprehensive club management software application is the best way to put yourself ahead of the curve. With the right approach, you can easily keep an eye on overdue accounts, new referrals, electronic marketing campaigns, and so much more.

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By keeping your membership information consolidated in one simple place, your health club can easily reduce paper usage and save money with a completely digital approach. If you’re hoping to market your programs via email, manage delinquent accounts, or solve problems with member attrition, the right management software can help you do it all with ease.

In addition, many fitness club management applications offer you in-club benefits, allowing you to simplify sales with one consolidated system that can allow members to pay bills, pay for a guest, or even pick up a protein smoothie after a grueling workout. You can even see which classes, products, and services are most popular with your members by tracking spending.

ABC Financial is an industry leader in membership management, billing and collections. With an extensive suite of software solutions for gyms of all styles and sizes, it’s easier than ever to address your gym’s problem areas. With over 34 years of experience, ABC has the power to transform your gym from one of the pack to one in a million. On average, ABC users increase collections by 15%, making the choice to switch to club management software beneficial from every angle.

If you’re facing stiff competition, a decline in membership, or even retention issues, the right approach to organization can turn your fitness club around. With the ability to consolidate your data, track trends, and improve billing, you’ll always be able to stay one step ahead.