Use Gym Software For Social Media Membership Drive

February 26, 2012

Need a new way to connect with prospects and draw them into your fitness club? While membership drives at your location hold high value for member recruitment, the cutting edge leaders of the health club industry are putting their gym software and their creativity to work to create killer social media membership drives.

This social media effort makes great sense especially considering this comScore statistic – In the last 4 years, people are spending more of their time on social media – 1 out of every 5 minutes on a social media site, compared to 1 in 12 minutes in 2008.

So, go to the places your prospects are hanging out on-line and create some membership drive fun to get them into your health club. Try these 10 tips:

17 Templates to Streamline Communication With Your Members in 2024

  1. Create a series of posts on “What Your Fitness Plan Is Missing” and provide a directory of your personal trainers, listing their unique fields of interest.
  2. Tweet 30 One Day Offers for Potential Members – a unique special reward for each day of the month, given to prospects who retweet your daily offer and visit your club.
  3. Begin a Twitter campaign for prospects, “My Worst Health Club Experience” and provide a free 3-month membership to the best horror tweet or Facebook update.
  4. Provide a “Just Looking” link to your website via your Facebook page. When prospects sign in, they qualify to be part of a “Found Us – Keep Us” reward package drawing – tour, fitness assessment, fitness class and 15 minute massage.
  5. Create special optimized video content for browsing prospects. Post a humorous video which features your chosen keywords on your website. Highlight features of your club that make membership easier – including Kid Club express check-ins and easy online sign-ups.
  6. Establish a Stumbleupon Channel – a new search function on the online service – featuring video tours for prospects or Q&A interviews for “Finding Your Ideal Health Club”.
  7. Start a Facebook discussion about what new members like most about your self-service member portal, then use the best comments as part of an invitation for prospects to browse and sign up.
  8. Provide clues via your social media networks to a one-day membership drive treasure hunt in your club.
  9. Create a Training Community Page to help new members find running partners, tennis teams or triathlon clubs operating at your health club.
  10. Encourage members and staff to provide their favorite Fitness Success Secrets. Feature them in regular tweets and blog posts and create an eBook of the whole collection available on your website – and automatically provide it as a part of a new member welcome package.

Social media and your gym software provide nearly endless opportunities for attracting new members through social media. Once you get your followers excited on-line, integrate those topics onto your off-line materials and club signage.