Top Fitness Trends of 2017

December 8, 2016

By: Ali Adcock

A new year means new goals and new workouts. We’ve seen many fitness trends emerge in 2016 and expect 2017 to be even bigger! By January 1, 2015 there were more than 34,000 commercial health clubs in the U.S., according to IHRSA estimates. With such a rising number of health clubs it’s no wonder the fitness trends are rising as well and we no longer have an excuse to not be active. So, what trends are going to be popular in 2017?

Wearable Technology

You guessed it, fitness trackers of all kinds is the biggest trend right now. From smart watches, to activity trackers and heart rate monitoring, all things wearable is HUGE. Counting your daily steps and calories along with tracking your heart rate and sleeping patterns are just a few of the features of wearable technology that is emerging. Learn more about how to utilize fitness trackers in your health club.

Group Training

Similar to personal training, many gyms and health facilities are offering group training and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Group training differs from gym to gym, but many offer group training for two and up to ten people. It’s a good cross between personal training and group exercise classes and is made to be more cost effective to those who would rather not pay a large fee that comes with one-on-one training.

Live-Stream Classes

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Out of town and can’t make it to your usual gym classes? That’s no problem, because now you can live stream workouts right from your hotel, home, or wherever you may be. You can live stream from Netflix, your mobile device, or even through social media. With platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope it’s easy to live stream a great at-home workout.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training programs are a great way to get in a quick workout without needing equipment. HIIT workouts are short intense bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest, usually 30 seconds. These types of workouts are normally about 30 minutes and are fit for those who want to burn fat and boost metabolism fast.

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