The Evolution of ABC Ignite

June 29, 2023

Looking back as we move into a new chapter

Back in March, we announced that some exciting changes will be coming for ABC Fitness and in-turn ABC Ignite. The marking of this moment as the ‘coming together’ of all the ABC Fitness platforms as one, united and cohesive brand, culminated in the unveiling of what is our new brand look. We’re excited to continue on in our journey of evolution as all the platforms unite under a single shared vision and mission.

We know that our success hinges on our ability to be innovative and evolve our offering in a way that supports our customers and members alike. From 2014 to today, we’ve built a platform that helps make the fitness dreams of business owners a seamless reality. So, as we lead up to the continuation of our new brand and welcome the launch of the new identities of the rest of the ABC Fitness platforms in the coming weeks, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on our journey so far.

How we began

Founded in 1981 in Sherwood, Arkansas by a gym operator who dreaded billing every month, ABC Fitness Solutions was created to help business owners save time, optimize operations and grow revenue. In 2014, ABC launched ABC Ignite, a full-scale suite of club management solutions for gym and health club owners. With a modern new design, intuitive user experience, and flexible modular approach, ABC Ignite reimagined ABC’s core competencies that the industry had come to rely on for 40 years.

Since Ignite’s inception, we’ve empowered fitness businesses all over the world to foster long-term growth with functionality that elevates membership management, operations, billing and insight reporting. By consolidating various technologies into an all-in-one gym management software, we’ve elevated business owners’ day-to-day operations, helping to reduce costs and supporting teams in delivering a premium member experience. As a result, businesses have unlocked revenue opportunities, expanded their locations, evolved into franchises and beyond.

Our flexible software solution is catered to our customers’ unique business needs so they only pay for the functionalities that work for them. Three upgrade options – Ignite Engagement, Ignite Sales and Ignite Insights – support fitness businesses of all sizes in all phases of their growth to amplify performance, operate efficiently and create unforgettable member experiences. As a platform of ABC Fitness, Ignite is part of the largest fitness technology company in the world. Joined by best-in-breed software solutions like ABC Evo, ABC Glofox, ABC GymSales, and ABC Trainerize, ABC Fitness is the only technology provider serving fitness businesses of any size anywhere in the world. Today our gym management software is the premiere choice in the industry, serving more than 9,300 club locations and 26 million members across the US and Canada.

Our customers

Ignite’s success to date is a testament to our amazing customers. Hear from them on how our partnership has been critical to their business success and how ABC Ignite will fuel their future growth:

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“The minute something declines, we hand it over to ABC Ignite. When a member gets a message from the team, they always seem to get back to us immediately. Ignite’s outreach process is very professional, and we have noticed a big difference.”

“Our goal is to keep people engaged and work on our ancillary income from other services we’re offering, and that’s where ABC Ignite comes into play.” – Gary Castellano, Club Fitness

“ABC Ignite is very intuitive. Even when I’m training a new salesperson or new front desk person – there’s not a giant learning curve. It’s right in front of you.” – Craig Laskow, BASE Fitness

“One of the things we’ve always valued in our ABC Ignite partnership is that the team brings knowledge of the industry. Knowledge of accounting. Knowledge of everything that goes on in our business.” – Vinny Esposito, VENT Fitness

“I wouldn’t have expanded to new locations if I didn’t have the data I accessed from ABC Ignite. Knowing the numbers gave me the confidence that I could handle the investment.” – Deuce Robertson, 4:13 Fitness

Looking to the future

To mark the next step in our journey as a strategic platform as part of ABC Fitness, you will continue to see more exciting things from ABC Ignite over the next few weeks and throughout the rest of the year.