The Convenience of Online Gym Membership Sign Up

June 24, 2016

By: Ali Adcock

Today’s technology driven world has made joining a gym easier than ever. With over 665 million active internet users, it is largely important to offer online membership sign up. Whether it’s from a mobile device or PC, consumers are using the internet daily to make purchases.

By offering membership purchasing through your website, you are providing more opportunities for membership growth in your club. The first step to convert prospects to members online is to provide a user friendly website that allows prospects to learn everything they need to know about your club before signing up. By providing a description of each membership available, prospects are able to research which best suits their needs.

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Prospects may not always be local, so the importance of offering online membership purchasing is most important for those who are unable to visit the club to sign up. Once a prospect has signed up, when using a web-based software application such as ABC’s MYiCLUBonline, members can then manage their account, make payments, view class schedules, and even upgrade their membership. MyiCLUBonline can run through your club’s own website, or separately from a site customized to your brand. MYiCLUBonline is available for a free basic version or you can upgrade to the premium version for a monthly fee.

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