Smart Health with Smartphones

May 22, 2014

By: Hope Osborn

200,000 or 1 in 10 deaths in the U.S. every year are the result of physical inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle, according to the United Health Foundation (Physical Inactivity.)

“Only 5% of Americans perform vigorous activities on any given day. But sedentary activities … were carried out daily by 80% of Americans,” wrote Katrina Woznicki in WebMd.

Technology has made leisure more enjoyable and attainable, and work lighter and simpler with television options, computer program advances and applications, and availability of handheld computer devices. Technology has also resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle that is a risk to your health.

But you can transform your smartphone, iPad, or laptop from a risk to a benefit to good health. Use your electronic devices for social networking, fitness club management software member portals, and fitness apps that support a physically active lifestyle.

Social Networking

Workout buddies motivate gym time by setting dates with you, keeping you company on the treadmill, and sharing and working through workout obstacles. What about when you aren’t at the gym or your friend isn’t available? Online support in the form of fitness forums and communities bridge the gap. Sharing tips for better workouts and regular interactions with a larger community of the fellow fitness-minded regularly encourage you to keep at healthy activities.

Gym Portals

Health clubs know you have a busy life and rely on technology. Take advantage of their fitness club management software member portal. Check out and sign-up for classes, update and view your personal and financial account, or book a session with a personal trainer. Remembering to call the gym when it is open or when you find the time is a sure way to put it off. Use the fitness club’s management software application to schedule on your time and the electronic reminders to keep you active.

Fitness Apps

Technology is not only now within the reach of most people, but most people spend a great deal of time taking advantage of it. We call, text, tweet, post, game, surf, and on and on with the touch of a few buttons on our smartphones—time spent contributing to physical inactivity. Include in your downloads a couple of the countless apps that record your calories or servings or that report the latest health news or that keep track of your exercise goals. Reminders and tips and direction from fitness apps that are a constant part of your screen time will keep you on track for a healthy body.

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Be smart about where you get your information.  Use sites that cite research or that are respected in scientific communities. Test app features and counts against credible information.

Technology applications such as social networking, fitness club management software member portals, and fitness apps are as convenient as the reach of your fingertips and as broadly informative as the Wide World Web. Use your smartphone, iPad, and laptop as valuable tools keeping you healthy and active and beating sedentary statistics.

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