PCI Compliancy Made Simple for Multi-Location Owners

June 27, 2013

By: Margaret Payne
Product Manager

A Club Owner’s time is valuable. You invest many hours maintaining a safe and secure environment for your members and staff. A part of that security is ensuring that your Club is PCI compliant; giving you and your members some assurance that data is safeguarded.
Completing a PCI Program has many benefits. Club Owners are provided with best practices on keeping data safe, how to become compliant and how to reduce your liability in the event member sensitive information is breeched, stolen or compromised. You can become compliant and save time by using Trustwave and ABC’s time saving option.

Did you know you can link multiple club locations together with Trustwave?

Locations that are linked together have many time-saving benefits:

  • Only requires one username and password to login to your account
  • View your PCI status, scan results and review helpful training materials for all of your locations in one place
  • Clubs that are linked are only responsible for completing 1 Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

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What you should know when linking locations together:

  1. You must have the same business policies , practices and procedures at each location
  2. If applicable to your business practices, you are still responsible for setting up/installing the External Vulnerability Scanning Agent at each physical location.
    Note: This scan runs in the back ground and checks the external network using the IP address at each location to make sure there are no immediate threats or Vulnerabilities.
  3. If one location fails, the rest of the locations attached will mirror the failing status until the issue has been remediated.

How do I link my clubs together?

  • Please email your request to including all your club numbers that should be linked together.
  • Specify the email address to receive your “Get Started” email.