Member Retention Tips: Avoid Annual Member Drop-Out

January 26, 2012

It happens every year. Thousands of people join a gym in hopes of fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions of losing weight and getting in shape. Unfortunately for them, and you, a large percentage of those new members stop working out around February and March and don’t come back until the next January.

So how do we prevent this? And how can you continue to get more people to join, even after February and March?

ABC Financial has plenty of ideas to keep your members coming back for more and for getting new prospects in your door. Here are just a couple:

17 Templates to Streamline Communication With Your Members in 2024

  • Friends Are Free Mailers – These are mailed out automatically to any new member and include four punch-out coupon cards to give to friends and family to try your gym for free. This marketing tool is perfect for both welcoming new members and gaining referrals. Just one example of this mailer is a special ‘March Madness’ card designed around the NCAA basketball tournament. This is the most effective way to keep your members happy and get new prospects through the door.
  • Email blast coupons – In addition to reminding current members to get back into the gym these coupons open additional revenue streams by offering bonus deals and discounts. They also invite expired members back to your gym to give it another try.

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