March Mayhem at ABC Financial

March 2, 2015


March Mayhem is here and Club Marketing has gone mad with this one!  We are offering our best ROI retention management program: Friends are Free with a FREE email campaign to compliment it.   Help welcome your new club members with a top-of-the-line mailer delivered right to their mailbox!  It includes 6 coupons that your members can pass out to their friends/family and have a few for themselves.  Then follow-up with an email campaign with extra coupons.  Two of the best ways to get in front of your members.

We know getting members can be easy, but retaining them is a whole lot harder. Your members respond to rewards, just like anyone else does. What drives your members to participate? You know better than anyone else! Pick your coupons to meet their needs.  Change it up too! Your coupons and trial passes can be changed as often as you like. Seasonal offers, fresh offers and new ideas can all be used to liven up the program.  Our Friends are Free program is the best way to retain your memberships, plus the return on investment is huge!  For example, for each new membership has the possibility of gaining you four other new memberships! This well exceeds your return on investment. For example, a $1.75 investment could gain you one $30 per month membership, which is over 18:1 return on investment ratio just on your first month. For each of the prospects that join your club, you are not only seeing the return, but you now have another four potential members.

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Email is at the fingertips of almost all of your members on their cell phones.  Our email campaigns are simple and so effective.  Use your free email campaign to offer even more incentives or just use it to inform your members.  Focus on member retention and health education.  You can communicate special offers or club discounts.  Club Marketing tailors your email campaign to your specific club.  Get the look you want right in the email boxes of your members.

What a pair!  What a way to retain your members.  It’s our March Mayhem final two line-up!  Call today.  This offer ends March 31, 2015.