Make Members Happy With Your Health Club Management Software

February 26, 2012

If you were to ask your members which parts of your health club made their fitness experience the most pleasurable, you most likely wouldn’t hear raves about your equipment maintenance or housekeeping schedules at the top of their list.

However, the daily details your club management software controls are integral to an overall positive experience for your members.

Of course, they don’t realize the behind-the-scenes details that contribute to a good day at the club, but you do and if you want to keep your club humming at optimal levels, here are four ways your club management software can do just that:

1. Member Check-In
Chances are, Saturday morning check-in time at your health club looks like a mass migration of bodies. People are streaming in for 9:00 running club, 9:15 step and 9:30 yoga simultaneously.

Right about then is when you and your staff can appreciate the electronic check-in capabilities of your club management software. A swipe of a card can get members in quickly, giving your staff more opportunity to start your members’ days with a smile.

2. Inventory Management
When you have a fitness class with music decibels off the chart or a sweat drenched spinning class suddenly members notice when earplugs and towels aren’t available. It’s times like this when inventory management is an essential part of your members’ experience.

Whether your health club is small or large, club management software will keep you prepared with flexible inventory planning.

3. Class Scheduling
One element that would be at the top of most members’ satisfaction lists is the convenience of online scheduling. Allowing members to plan their workout times by way of the posted schedules and even reserve spots in your most popular programs will help insure that your club is solidly integrated into their everyday habits.

And when you offer programming changes, you can alert your members quickly via posts on your website and email alerts.

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4. Employee Management
Whether your club has several locations or just one, managing your staff at each is crucial for your club’s success.

It isn’t just the front desk and café that need to be staffed adequately; your kid’s club, locker rooms and equipment maintenance personnel should also be scheduled so that there’s never a break in service.

Club management software keeps all your employee cylinders running at top speed with automated scheduling.

The competitiveness of the health club industry will continue to challenge clubs of all sizes and types in 2012 and beyond. The battle won’t be won when your newest member signs up, it will be when that member sticks around and spreads the good word about your facility to others, thanks to how smoothly your club runs.