Important Notice of Changes to RFC and SCA process dates

January 12, 2015


Effective January 2015, we are modifying our RFC (Return for Collection) process to occur once a month instead of twice a month.  The RFC selection process will run on the 16th of the month and the clients will have until the 26th of the month to reinstate any account.  On the 26th, the SCA (Send to Collection) process will run and the accounts will be sent to a collection agency or club at that time.  The RFC and SCA process will all occur within one month so the club will not have to look at two separate portions of multiple months to see the total number of RFC accounts. 

ABC will continue to attempt soft declines until the accounts RFC. In addition, the club has longer to review the accounts and make any necessary changes on the preview report. 

Please see below for a few FAQ’s: 

Will the RFC process run on the 16th if the 16th falls on the weekend?  This process will run automatically on the 16th regardless of the day of the week.

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Will the SCA process run on the 26th if the 26th falls on the weekend?  Because this is the final step prior to sending an account to collections, we want to ensure all requests to remove accounts from RFC status are complete prior to finalizing the list.  The process will run on the 1st business day after the 26th if that happens to be a weekend day. 

What is the impact of this change?  One of the major impacts to this change will be the age of accounts when they RFC.  Accounts who just missed the RFC selection by a few days will now have an additional two weeks soft collection activity until the next RFC process runs on the 16th of the following month.         

Is it possible to customize when or how often the process runs?  The process runs for all clubs at one time therefore the run date cannot be customized.  You can, however, modify the age in which an account is eligible to RFC.