How to Utilize Fitness Trackers in your Health Club

September 6, 2016

Many people are working harder towards their fitness goals due to fitness trackers, a new wearable technology emerging in recent years. Whether you’re just starting to focus on your fitness or you’re a long time fitness fanatic, you can find a fitness tracker for just about anyone. But what does this mean for health club owners? Will fitness trackers impact gym memberships?

People are choosing to live healthier lifestyles and that’s proven true by the increase in health club memberships in recent years. In fact, health club memberships have grown from about 41 million users in 2007 to about 54 million users in 2014. With that amount of growth and new technology on the rise it’s important to take advantage of this in your gym.

You may be thinking that fitness trackers would be more harmful than helpful in a gym, but as long as you utilize them in the right way they can be very helpful. One great way to connect with your members through their fitness trackers is to host a fitness challenge. This can include, but is not limited to creating a contest for members to track their daily/weekly steps and/or calories burned and offer a prize to the member with the highest step or calorie count at the end of the contest. The prize can consist of a free personal training session, smoothie, or even allow them to choose the next fitness contest held at the gym. This is a simple way to keep members engaged and excited about working out.

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Which fitness tracker is right for you? From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and many other brands, everyone is has different needs so we’ll take a look into different features of these trackers soon, so check back for more details!

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