How can gym software help your bottom line?

October 10, 2014

When you implement DataTrak gym software and use it effectively, you’ll gradually begin to notice a steady increase in profits and a reduction in unnecessary spending. There are several ways to help your gym’s bottom line with this type of software program. From inventory management and report management to reducing the need for paper by going paperless and saving an immense amount of time performing management duties.

This easy-to-use software program enables you to carefully examine every aspect of your company from the inside-out through real-time analytics and reporting. The time that you save is guaranteed to free up your day and your staff’s availability to attend to your gym’s valued members. Everything is faster and more efficient. It just makes sense.

Run Your Business More Efficiently with DataTrak’s Dashboard and Mobile App Features

The DataTrak mobile app includes over 100 customizable features making it a breeze to access your business from anywhere at any time. DataTrak’s Dashboard feature empowers you to make better, more informative decisions instantly. Within your customizable Dashboard, you’re able to view easy-to-read graphs and charts, and compare business progress with business goals.

Take a peek at the smaller picture with daily snapshots and weekly snapshots of goals or look at the bigger picture with snapshots of monthly goals. Your gym’s very own Locker Management feature enables you to easily track maintenance history and is accessible with your customized access combination. This access combination is accessible with just one quick click.

Control Loss Prevention and Gym Re-Stock Levels with Inventory Management

There’s nothing more frustrating for a club member or an employee to discover that they’re in need of an item that your gym does not have on-hand. This is a problem you’ll likely avoid with DataTrak’s Inventory Management. When you manage your gym’s inventory with this easy-to-use gym software program, you’re able to stay on top of inventory levels while also tracking vendors and unit cost. This is a win-win for any club owner. Loss prevention is controllable and avoidable with this system as well, which will also help to improve profits.

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Recurring Services Makes Bill Payment Hassle-Free for You and Your Club Members

With the Recurring Services feature, club members are billed monthly and enable the club member to sign up for automatic bill payment. Automatic bill payment means there’s no need to chase down club members to pay their monthly fees. This is good for the club member and it’s good for business. Late club payments mean more money for the club member in late fees and loss of profits for your gym.

Going Paperless Equals a Reduction in Spending

When you go paperless with DataTrak, you’re going to save yourself and your club from the hassle and cost of paper waste. You’ll likely still have a club member or two that would prefer a paper bill, but these days most people prefer to go paperless. It’s easier for you to provide instant billing and it’s easier for the club member to make timely payments when you go paperless.

To learn more about how ABC Financial’s highly-intelligent DataTrak gym software can help your gym’s bottom line, request a demo!