Hottest Workout Trends in 2015

August 6, 2015


Whether you were in the fitness club or working out at home, last year’s workout trends focused mainly on high intensity interval training but what’s hot this year? In 2015, the focus shifts to a “back to basics’ approach called Body Weight Training, which includes many not so favorite exercises such as pull ups and push ups, planks, lunges and the like.

Many remain loyal to last year’s high intensity regimens and other exercise options, going to the fitness club or taking time at home to participate in many different types of workouts. In order based on popularity, below are the top five hottest workout trends of 2015 so far!

2015: Back to Basics and other Hot Workout Trends

Currently, the hottest trend is Body Weight Training which is excellent for those on a budget. With little or no products to purchase and numerous programs available at local fitness clubs, you can easily squat, lunge, push and pull your way to a healthier body. Many feel the primary benefit of this workout is the ability to exercise at various times throughout your day. Get in a few squats or planks while brushing your hair or blending your favorite smoothie.

High Intensity Interval Training is still trendy and there are lots of people seeing fabulous results in the fitness club and with home regimens using these high and low intensity moves. Made popular due to speedy workouts that can be completed in thirty minutes or less, HIIT workouts are excellent for those who have demanding schedules and very little spare time.

A growing trend that is on the incline is hiring Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals to guide workouts through coaching and assist with dietary choices. In 2015, an influx of trained fitness professionals will become accredited and enter the work force, allowing workouts to be supervised by fitness coaches who are educated and knowledgeable.

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Strength Training remains a popular form of exercise workouts, especially among males interested in fitness and better health. More and more women continue to hit the fitness clubs for various strength training exercises as well, in the hopes of building or improving their strength. Interestingly, researchers believe strength training is not only good for muscles, but also mood and memory.

As time passes, people are becoming more open minded about the health and fitness benefits of Yoga as they realize this is more than just a meditation and chanting technique. With so many different types of yoga techniques available in fitness clubs and dance studios, anyone can find a suitable workout technique that fits their lifestyle and needs.

There are many other workout trends for 2015 worthy of mention such as group programs including Crossfit and dance programs such as Zumba, to name a few. While it is important to know which workout trends are seeing fabulous results, it is most important to find a routine that fits into your schedule and complements your lifestyle.