Helpful KPI’s

May 5, 2015

By: Michael Scott Scudder

Hi everyone!  A little different between-newsletters-blog today.  No A/V this time, just a few KPI’s that may help you, from our not-quite-yet-completed 1st Quarter Business Results Survey.

Responses to-date representing well over 700 facilities. Full infographic-type report will be coming to you via private email in about a week.

  • 56% report higher profits in the 1st Quarter ’15 vs. same period ’14 (50%).
    • 61% say business will be more profitable for the rest of the year than in 2014.
  • 51% report higher Group Exercise class attendance 1st Q ’15 vs. 1st Q ’14 (25%).
    • Only 34% say GEX attendance will be up for the rest of 2015.  ????  GROUP EX IS A HIGH RETENTION PROGRAM AND STRONG KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR (KPI)…WHY SUCH LITTLE FAITH IN IT?
  • More clubs (56%) reporting increased profits in ’15 vs. ’14 (50%).
    • But average profit margin dropped to just under 8%.  Getting increasingly tougher to make higher profits.
  • Total sales increase in 58% of clubs; ancillary sales production is carrying the load, not membership sales.
    • Ancillary revenue average percent now at 24%.  In other words, nearly 25 cents of every dollar is being produced at predictable profitability – a good sign.  THIS IS A HUGE KPI FOR YOU.

All that said…only 35% of respondents are “very optimistic” about their business’ future.  And only 9% are “very optimistic” about the economy turning around in 2015.  The effects of a long financial downturn are still with us.

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AND – A SCOOP ON A SOON-TO-BE-RELEASED NEWS ITEM!  Fitness Business Council ( will merge into Wellness Business Council (  It’s time…many quality clubs now embracing wellness and not just fitness.  WBC is now live…click this link.

  • Your FBC membership entitles you to a free-for-the-balance-of-2015 membership in WBC.
  • I have posted four (4) great downloadable info pieces in the passworded Members Only page (Password: fit2well – exactly as shown, all lower case letters).
    • A great how-to on better email marketing for your club: THE FUTURE OF EMAIL HINGES ON CONTEXT
    • How-to on doing a better job of listening to customers: LISTEN-UP CUSTOMER FEEDBACK GUIDE
    • State-by-state rankings for well-being, 2014: GALLUP HEALTHWAYS STATE RANKINGS
    • Top 100 U.S. Communities for well-being, 2014: GALLUP HEALTHWAYS TOP 100 RANKINGS