Get Noticed!

May 20, 2015


Businesses want to be heard and seen. There are many different avenues clubs can go through to market their club or promotions they might be running, but most clubs do not know where to start. Maybe you want to promote their facility with a banner? Maybe you want to reach people that live close to their facility? Or maybe you need to email your members to keep them updated with important information. The Club Marketing Team at ABC Financial can help your club do all of this! The Club Marketing Team will use your logo to create any of these products so that you will be heard and seen.

Before marketing your facility, there are a few things to go through.

Set your goals. You must know what exactly you are marketing. You might be running a certain promotion or deal and would like to attract 20 potential members or maybe you would just like to promote your business altogether. The Club Marketing Team will work with you to integrate your logo and colors to the product of your choice.

Know your timeline. Keep up with what promotions you will be running and what dates the member will need information. The Club Marketing Team will work with you on a timeline if you need information out by a certain date.

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Take advantage of special promotions. Throughout the year, the Club Marketing Team will run specials on marketing products. Use these discounts to your advantage!

Get the word out! There are so many potential new club members just waiting to find a good time to come check out your facility. Let ABC’s Club Marketing Team help you to attract those members with their great marketing products!

They have a variety of products to choose, just contact them for more information at or by emailing