Automating Your Club Operations: A Win for Everyone

March 31, 2023

Fitness club automation is a win-win-win for everyone involved – club owners and operators, staff, and members. Automation helps fitness club owners and operators reduce costs, raise profitability, and increase satisfaction for all their constituents. It gives staff greater flexibility, more time with members, and less time on routine tasks. And most importantly, it creates a more personalized and efficient experience for members.

ABC IGNITE clients have successfully added automation to their front desk and back-office operations and staff training. Here are a few examples where automation is delivering cost savings, better operations, and enhanced member experiences.

1) Creating Operational Efficiencies for the Front Desk

CAC Fit, a club that’s been owned and operated by the same person in North Auburn, CA since 1981, started working with ABC IGNITE to implement better reporting capabilities, improve customer billing processes, and increase efficiencies in interacting with members. With IGNITE, CAC Fit was able to create better member experiences at the front desk with persistent check-in functionality and more.

CAC Fit’s General Manager explains: “In our day-to-day operations, I don’t even think we knew how much more efficient we could be. But with ABC IGNITE, our day-to-day operations became a lot more expedited. I was able to train our front desk staff to be more responsive to our members’ needs in the moment. And that really helped a great deal.”

2) Achieving Cost Savings and Enhanced Member Experiences with Back Office Automation

Janesville Athletic Club, a club in Wisconsin that was established in 1985, engaged with ABC IGNITE as part of their effort to modernize their back-office operations – moving from old-school pen and paper processes to automated, software-based processes.

With their previous gym management software provider, Janesville was very office heavy – with 3.5 staff members. “We were able to cut a full-time position,” explains one of the club’s owners. “It sure does make life easier. And we’re able to make phone calls that we couldn’t do previously for new customers and retention.”

3) Streamlining Staff Onboarding and Training, while Improving Staff Communication

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Three Rivers Fitness in Otsego, Minnesota decided to move from their previous gym management software provider to ABC IGNITE to enhance their member platform’s user interface and streamline their business processes.

Turnover, especially for front desk staff, is a persistent challenge that club owners and operators face. This year, Three Rivers Fitness has had to replace three of their four front desk staff. The owner of the club was pleased with the ease-of-use when it comes to training staff on ABC IGNITE.

“Everything makes sense; there’s a logic to it. It reduces time spent training and onboarding new team members. It also enables us to communicate key initiatives and program reminders to staff members within the platform. For example, we have a Saturday guy and Sunday guy – those are their only shifts. I am only here on weekdays during business hours, so I barely see them. The platform allows us to alert our staff and eliminates all post it note reminders that are usually behind the front desk.”

Automation for the Win

Imagine what you could accomplish, and who would benefit, if you were able to automate your club’s operations and spend time on the people and projects that will help grow your business.

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