ABC Financial and Lone Star Distribution Establish a Partnership to Provide Support For New Customers

February 27, 2013

By: John Hoffmann
Lone Star Distribution

Lone Star Distribution is one of the industry’s premier sources for sports nutrition and fitness supplements nationwide and internationally. Celebrating their 15th anniversary, Lone Star has grown to serve thousands of gyms, health clubs, online stores and nutrition stores with 130 top brands including MET-Rx, BSN, VPX Sports / Redline, Worldwide, MuscleTech, Cytosport / Muscle Milk, Isopure, USP Labs, Cellucor, MHP, Labrada, Gatorade, Nutrex, BPI, BNRG / Power Crunch, Gaspari, Universal, Scivation, Finaflex, Kind, Con-Cret and more.

Lone Star is proud to be the exclusive distributor for MET-Rx and Worldwide drinks, Purus Labs, Supplement RX, FortiFX, Sudden Impact, Force Factor, Éco, FitPro and AquaHydrate amongst with other select lines that are proven for high quality and consumer demand. With over two hundred sports, hydration and energy drinks to choose from, Lone Star places and maintains single and double-door coolers with customers at no charge requiring only $600 – $900 monthly minimum orders.

Lone Star is also the exclusive partner with City Blends Smoothie Cafés, known for their low sugar superior tasting smoothie blends and power boosts for vitality, energy, nutrition, etc. City Blends is one of the most profitable smoothie solutions based on a unique turnkey system that’s easy to operate, eliminates waste and ensures consistent great tasting smoothies every time.

As part of the Lone Star Distribution’s 15th anniversary, the company has established a joint partnership with ABC Financial Group to provide resources and unparalleled support to their customers as they launch new businesses or expand to open additional locations. “We greatly value our partnership with Steve Ayers and the entire team at ABC Financial,” states John Hoffmann, CEO and President of Lone Star. “We understand the needs of business owners in today’s challenging economy and are committed to their success every step of the way.” Lone Star Distribution and ABC Financial have established a New Customer & Customer Growth Expansion program which gives $500 of free supplements on opening orders of $2,000 or more, (or $200 on opening orders of $1,000 or more).

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Lone Star has long been heralded in the fitness business for their exceptional customer service and a ‘60 Day No Questions Asked Return Guarantee’, (which is designed to ensure customers purchase products that will boost sales and profitability, while also allowing them to easily return those products that under perform).  Hoffmann adds, “Each region is different in consumer demand of sports supplements and the 60 day guarantee allows our customers to try out new products and always remain profitable.”

Whether you’re seeking sports, organic or natural supplements, drinks and bars visit to learn more about Lone Star Distribution’s many programs and supplement lines geared to best serve the sports and fitness industry.