5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

May 15, 2017


By: Ali Adcock

Spring is officially here and that means spring cleaning is upon us. Most immediately think of spring cleaning their home, but have you ever thought about spring cleaning your workout? You should, and we’ve got 5 easy ways to get you started on cleaning up your workout routine along with your body.

Change Up Your Workout

If you are one of few that actually stuck with your New Year’s resolution and have seen results but have come to a plateau, it’s probably because you need to switch up your routine. Let’s spring clean new ways to work out your muscles. Your body has become numb to the same workouts for the last couple of months. What can you do to change it up? If you want to continue the same exercises simply double your reps and change up your sets. Instead of doing 3 sets of 12 reps, try 4 sets of 24 reps. Your body adapts quickly, so adding that extra rep and sets can really amp up your workout so you’re feeling the soreness again.

Eat Clean

A good detox for your body should be to cut out sugars. Anything from candies and sodas to alcohol needs to be cut out of your diet. Your body turns sugars into fat and if you want to spring clean your body along with your workout, you’ll see major changes. We know everyone is busy and doesn’t always have time to cook a healthy meal EVERY night, but you must begin to cut out fast food, which is mostly just processed and full of saturated fat. This doesn’t mean you need to begin juicing to get healthy again, simply cut back on the fried and fatty foods and your body will thank you.

Get Out and Enjoy the Weather

Maybe it’s been too cold for your morning run, so you’ve been stuck on the treadmill inside. Now that the weather is warming up take your run outside again. Getting a breath of fresh air and enjoying a little Vitamin D will give you a nice change of scenery. Don’t forget your sunscreen though, a waterproof 15 SPF is enough to block the harmful UV rays.

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Update Your Workout Gear

Did you know a good pair of running shoes last between 300-500 miles?, according to This doesn’t mean going on a major shopping spree, but a new pair of running shoes may be just the motivation you need to get you back in the gym and enjoying your workouts again. It’s also a good idea to toss out any worn-out clothes you’ve been working out in and grab some new dri-fit shirts and shorts that are more breathable and moisture wicking.

Sign Up for a New Class or Race

You may be tired from sitting in the house all winter and need to stretch out your muscles before getting back into an intense workout routine. Trying a new class like yoga is a great way to strengthen and elongate your muscles to get you warmed up and back into your workout routine. Yoga is also a great way to reduce anxiety and boots your heart health. Once you’re warmed up and ready to get back to your routine, sign up for a race so you have a goal to work towards. This will keep you focused and motivate you to do your best to reach your goal. Even if it’s a 5k, that’s a perfect beginners race to start with. Grab a workout partner and get signed up today!

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