5 Health Club Programs Built For Summer Membership Retention

June 25, 2012

What is it that causes health club membership retention rates to dip in the summer – higher dues, fewer programs offered – or just that general summer feeling?

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to combat the latter. Price and programs, on the other hand, is a different story. In an earlier post, I recommended against the almost default option of lowering health club rates in the summer in an effort to meet membership retention goals. Instead, I suggested, focus on developing the types of summer programs that your members want.

But, of course, telling you is one thing – and showing you is another – especially if you are having difficulty seeing what types of summer programs you could offer.

With that in mind, see five examples below of creative summer programs from clubs across the country, designed to help provide you with some summer program ideas for your health club:

  1. Wilson’s Fitness Center’s Beach & Tennis Club. If you have the fortune of being located near a beach, take advantage of it like this club does. Their programs target the whole family, and can include everything from swimming and diving lessons, to family nights on the beach.
  2. New Holland Recreation Center’s Hiking Club. Located in New Holland, Pennsylvania, this health club offers hiking for adults, a surprisingly rare offering. If you club is within a reasonable driving distance of local trails, consider asking your members if they would be interested in a similar program.
  3. Bethesda Sport & Health’s TenniStar Day Camp for Kids. Some organizations offer half and full-day camps centered exclusively on a specific sport. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, this organization helps children improve their tennis fundamentals. Think about your geographic region, which sports are in the highest demand, and how your club could meet that demand.
  4. The Thoreau Club’s Traditional Day Camp for Kids. The Thoreau Club, located in Concord, Massachusetts, offers your standard day camp, filled with tons of activities. A typical morning session can involve everything from basic archery lessons to swimming. Kids can even choose what they get to do in the afternoon by selecting from a variety of programs including dancing, candle making, ultimate frisbee, and many more.
  5. The Work’s Adult Co-Ed Softball League. Located in New Hampshire, The Work’s softball league provides a more inclusive version of the sport by opening it up to co-ed participation. If your area is short on leagues, especially at the co-ed level, consult with your members to gauge their interest.

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The question of how best to achieve health club membership retention goals in the summer rests with your members – and your members alone. While the list of programs above represents a great start to a brainstorm – always remember that the best way to offer programs that will interest your members is simply to ask, ”What types of programs you be interested in?” Of course, be sure to add one qualifier to the end of that question: “This summer.”

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