5 Great Examples of Health Clubs on Facebook

January 9, 2012


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How inviting is your health club? We’re not talking about your physical locations; we’re talking about your social welcome mat – your health club Facebook landing page. It seems that health clubs everywhere are buying into the trend of Facebook pages, but only a select few are really rocking them. This disconnect is akin to installing premium health club management software and only using a few of the capabilities.Don’t shortchange your club with a less than exciting Facebook business page. The possibilities are nearly endless for creative, engaging elements that really motivate people to like and follow your club.To help you get the most out of your club’s Facebook presence, we’ve identified five great examples of health club fan pages on Facebook and tell you why they are so effective:

1. Equinox
There’s a reason this club is at the top of the list. Equinox has created a Facebook page filled with ways fans can connect and take advantage of all the elements the club offers.

The club also does a great job of engaging visitors. For example, for every person that “likes” the club, Equinox will donate $1 to Cycle for Survival, an indoor cycling event that raises funds for cancer research.

2. Gold’s Gym
With over 165,000 “likes” Gold’s is obviously connecting with audiences. The club’s page may not be the glitziest, but the regular posts do invite fans to engage in numerous creative ways.

Followers are also invited to connect on Gold’s home website by answering the question, “What are you stronger than?”

We also like the Youtube link to Gold’s Gym video highlights, and the specific landing page offering a free seven day pass.

3. Curves
Curves does a solid job of appealing to the club’s niche market. When you visit the Curves page you get a selection of choices to link with, such as locations, their online member community, and personal training options.

Want to purchase some Curves apparel or accessories? There’s a link for that too. Curves also provides a “Curves on Youtube” link and does a good job of announcing  ongoing offers via their wall posts.

4. 24-Hour Fitness
24-Hour Fitness’ page is similar to the ones listed above. It gives various additional pages you can link to on the left side of their page, and it provides links to a number of pages on their website as well.

But 24 hour adds an eye-catching flag. What attracts visitors’ attention is the opportunity to click for a free pass at the top of the page. It’s easy to find and tempting to click.

And, they sum up the meaning of social media perfectly when they encourage followers to “Explore, share and join in the conversation”.

5. Wynn Fitness Clubs
The good folks at Wynn are a perfect example of ways to encourage people to “like” them. When you hit their page you encounter a “like” request (which isn’t unusual, all the other clubs ask for “likes”, too) that adds a bit of extra incentive – being eligible to draw for $1500 when they reach 1500 friends.

Their links connection also provides an interesting selection of informational places to learn more about all aspects of fitness. Here’s hoping they keep the ball rolling after their first 1500 pals.

It’s clear when scrolling through these and other health club Facebook pages that while clubs may have become more sophisticated in health club management and software, most have got a long way to go in creating top-notch Facebook pages.

Just like with your health club website, your Facebook presence needs to inspire followers and fans to remain a part of the conversation they joined when they checked out your page in the first place.

By encouraging interaction with questions, surveys and polls, and by keeping  your Facebook posts fun and entertaining by linking  to videos, photos and other digital assets, your fitness club fan page will stay in the peak of Facebook health. Need more information on building a better health club presence on Facebook? Check out our blog, Promoting Your Health Club on the New Facebook.