5 Critical Questions To Ask When Selecting Health Club Software

June 25, 2012

As the health club industry continues to improve along with the economy, the challenges of club management will no doubt keep pace. And member retention and recruitment are just the tip of the iceberg. The most competitive health clubs need sophisticated solutions to keep them ahead – and in part – that comes from implementing the best health club software.

If you’re ready to take your health club management to the next level, we’ve helped to remove your guesswork below.

When considering new health club software, be sure to ask any vendor (yes, even ABC Financial) these five critical questions:

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  1. How will my data be converted?Data conversion is essential when switching to new health club software. By conducting an audit of your current data files, new software can be converted for easy adaptation.

    This is where industry experience comes into play. A team of veterans can make the conversion process smooth and seamless.

  2. Will dashboard reporting be included?Dashboard reporting is a business monitoring tool that can be customized to fit your unique health club needs. In one easily accessible location you can track such elements as:
    • Missing employees
    • Missing locations
    • Time clock check-ins
    • Lack of funding

    Dashboard reporting keeps you updated in real time and helps you measure how well you achieve your goals.

  3. How will the software help me meet my member recruitment and management objectives?One of the biggest benefits the right software can provide is the online member sign up feature. Busy prospects will appreciate the convenience of an easy enrollment process.

    The right health club software can even help maintain that positive member connection through electronic check-in, online class sign-ups and even automated billing.

  4. How secure will my data be?With the sensitive nature of personal data, security is key for club management success. Health club software with cloud technology stores your data in a secure and centralized database, helping to ensure that your club and member data is safe.
  5. How quickly will my staff be trained?Health club software proves its worth when your staff can use it effectively and easily.

    The hallmark of the most sophisticated software is that employees can be trained quickly and can operate it throughout all areas of the club, from the pro shop to the Kid’s Club.

Having the automated processes and data at your fingertips will bring your club management up-to-speed and give you more time to invest in customer service and other activities that keep new members coming through your door.