Webinar | Cracking the Code to the Best Gym Member Experiences

Crack the Code: Member Experience

In this final installment of our Crack the Code series, we are bringing it all together by focusing in one final crucial ingredient: the gym member experience.

Beyond the management of your business, this intangible element to running a successful gym is just as important as handling the day-to-day tasks of operations.

In this quick-hitting (only 26 minutes!) webinar, you’ll get:

  1. The Top Drivers for Member Experience: Discover the emerging, and changing, trends of consumer behavior.
  2. Data Into Member Satisfaction: See what members are saying about their current fitness experience.
  3. What Members Value: Learn what emotional, service, facility, and product quality that members report desiring and how they assess these value propositions.
  4. A Recap of Crack the Code: Our expert panelists will bring it home by tying together Parts 1, 2, and 3.