Webinar | Crack the Code to Drive Gym Sales and Revenue

Crack the Code: Drive Sales & Revenue

Get insights from ABC Ignite’s customer data to crack the code and drive gym sales and revenue for your business. We’ll take a look at the most recent industry data, including portfolio numbers from 10 million members at 2,000 locations, to share the trends and opportunities that exist to uncover pipeline.

Watch now to get:

  • An inside look at Ignite data and trends for membership joins, freezes and cancellations
  • Learn how Gen Z and Millennials are impacting the fitness industry and what is attracting and motivating these audiences to join
  • Discover how to reach and engage with the right audience, using experiences and value as a driver to reduce costs.
  • Gain insights into the data via analysis and discussion on membership tenure, spending habits and pricing models.
  • Q&A with Industry experts