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How to Optimize Personalization Using Fitness Personas

As the fitness industry moves into the next phase of the easing pandemic, questions remain regarding how the active consumer will embrace health and wellness going forward.

With omni-channel workout regimens a pervasive talking point for health and fitness clubs to consider as a new value proposition for their membership, does the consumer still want the diverse array of options that were necessary during the pandemic lock downs? Or has pre-pandemic exercise behavior circled back around with the consumers going back to traditional workout routines? These questions and more have been at the forefront of discussion among fitness industry experts as we consider how to best service the health and fitness consumer for the long run. ​

​In this first release of our 2022 market research, you will see four distinct consumer personas aggregated from 2 years of consumer research. The findings in this report have been supplemented with commentary from industry experts presented during IHRSA 2022.