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Creating a Memorable Rewards Program

  By: FitRewards Rewards programs are popping up all over the place – from your local coffee shop, large-chain grocery stores, department stores, cell phone providers, and health and fitness clubs.  Since the 1980s, when Customer Loyalty programs begin to appear, customers have now been accustomed to seeing rewards in a myriad of ways, from… Continue reading Creating a Memorable Rewards Program


Fulfilling Your Members? ?Customer Entitlement?

By: Pamela Farish-Ozoroski New Paradigm Partners The last fifteen years have been labeled the ?Age of Customer Entitlement.? Consumers feel that businesses who value their patronage through reward and loyalty programs are those who deserve their repeated business. Just ask yourself how many rewards program you?re a part of and how it effects your shopping… Continue reading Fulfilling Your Members? ?Customer Entitlement?