Fulfilling Your Members? ?Customer Entitlement?

junio 27, 2013

By: Pamela Farish-Ozoroski
New Paradigm Partners

The last fifteen years have been labeled the ?Age of Customer Entitlement.? Consumers feel that businesses who value their patronage through reward and loyalty programs are those who deserve their repeated business. Just ask yourself how many rewards program you?re a part of and how it effects your shopping decisions.

A recent survey concluded that 40% of health club members who participate in fitRewards say that they would join a health club with a loyalty program over one that did not.

Why points?

Points give the employee or customer many choices. They can be used immediately for rewards such as movie passes or an iPod shuffle or they can be saved and used for amazing big ticket items such as 50? flat screen TV?s and life experiences like travel vacations and spa retreats. These rewards make a lasting and meaningful experience for your customers and employees that they will always remember and associate with your company.

What is fitRewards?

fitRewards offers health clubs a customizable online member loyalty program. Members will earn points for specific behaviors that they can use online to redeem for gifts and products or custom club services and programs. Members can log in online to see their points balance, refer friends to the club, and redeem their points for prizes.

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How does it Work?

fitRewards is fully integrated with DataTrak, powered by ABC Financial. The fitRewards ABC Financial Web Service integration makes the rewards program fully automatic for clubs using the ABC Financial Software.

To learn more about how to create a custom loyalty program for your club with fitRewards and ABC Financial, please email