Daily New Accounts Report

febrero 28, 2013

By: Internal Training Department

Are you interested in seeing how many new accounts have been approved so far this month? There is a report named ?Daily New Accounts? located in the Club Reporting System (CRS) under the Daily tab. This report provides a list of all ABC Managed accounts entered month-to-date.

The ?Daily New Accounts? report shows a variety of new account data including:

  • Name
  • Agreement number
  • Type of agreement
  • Payment mode used

Several important dates are displayed as well.

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  • Member since date
  • Begin date
  • 1st due and expire dates (depending on the agreement type)

The bottom portion of the ?Daily New Accounts? report provides a summary of the total number of accounts as well as the total invoice amounts. The invoice amounts are grouped and totaled by profit center.

ABC Financial knows your time is valuable and we have provided this feature for your convenience. If you still have questions regarding the ?Daily New Accounts? report, please contact our Client Services department at 1-888-622-6290 or your Account Executive and we will be happy to assist you!