Your Gym Software Shouldn’t Be The Only Thing That Is Virus Free

octubre 22, 2014

When it comes to protecting gym owners from digital threats like software viruses, hackers and data miners, you know you can trust ABC Financial to keep your computer systems safe and secure. As a PCI Compliant service provider, our full-service technical support team works around-the-clock to keep your business up and running with updated gym software and intruder detection; we maintain clean systems to keep you, our client, protected.

At ABC Financial we protect our clients from digital viruses; as a gym owner or manager, your clients expect you to help protect them against cold and flu viruses by maintaining clean, sanitary equipment at your facility. You?re members are all interested in staying healthy ? here?s some quick tips on how you can make your gym a germ-free zone:

Get The Message Out

  • Use on-site signage, e-mail blasts and verbal cues to let your staff and members know that you?re committed to making your gym a healthy, virus-free space this cold and flu season.
  • Encourage members to skip their workout if they?re feeling ill, and educate your staff on how they can gently ask visibly sick clients to take a day off; the goal here is to create a culture of health and wellness at your gym.

Research Your Options

  • Speak with your suppliers about what cleaning products are right for your facility.
  • Look for a low or no-odor, instant-dry anti-bacterial, anti-viral spray product that won?t leave any residue on your gear and is safe for direct skin contact.

Frequency Is The Key

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  • The more often your gear is cleaned, the cleaner it will be. Simple, right?
  • Ideally, your members will spray down each piece of equipment immediately after they use it; encourage this behavior by having your staff actively demonstrate disifecting techniques to your clients.

Make Compliance Easy

  • Have lots of spray bottles available ? if possible, leave one at every machine or station. Your members are more likely to comply with post-use machine cleaning if they don?t have to hunt down the disinfectant.
  • Consider installing bottle mounts on cardio equipment; leave a few extra bottles near the mats and free weights.
  • Make sure your staff top off the disinfectant bottles frequently, or better yet, have extra bottles available so your staff can swap out bottles, rather than topping them up on the gym floor.

Remember that you?ll still need to deep-clean your equipment on a regular basis; enlist the services of a professional cleaning company to thoroughly disinfect all your gear every week.

To learn more about how ABC Financial can help keep your database virus-free while boosting your bottom line with industry-leading gym software, contact us today!