The Advantages Your Club Has

septiembre 5, 2014

By: Michael Scott Scudder
Founder/CEO of Fitness Business Council

I don?t write promotional articles often?it just ain?t my style. But this one is way too timely and illustrates the ADVANTAGES OF YOUR CLUB?and YOU MAY NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE THEM! Allow me to veer off for a few sentences.

One thing that is for certain you must know by now, is that our industry has entered ?the digital age.? Apps, technological aides, software enhancements and much more are coming at us rapid-fire.

Consider that 80% of U. S. consumers own at least one ?smart technology? device. By 2016, 85% of consumers will own a smart phone. 62% of all Internet searches are now initiated on a smart phone!

Three out of four consumers ?shop you before they shop with you? ? meaning that they are reviewing your club?s website before they make any kind of decision to possibly go a step further and walk in your door. If you don?t have membership rates, a way to buy from you, and customer-interactivity as part of your site, you don?t even get to the preliminaries! Potential customers won?t come unless THEY THINK THEY ALREADY KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT YOU TO BE COMFORTABLE.

You have an existing ally that you rarely think about:                          

ABC Financial?s unparalleled customer service teams?and DataTrak! Yes?that which you have taken for granted and actually pay little attention to is a wallet full of bucks sitting in your pocket!I recently had the opportunity to spend hours and hours on ABC?s website?evaluating it from the perspectives of both industry veteran/expert and interested consumer. I learned a lot?and want to share some of YOUR BUILT-IN ADVANTAGES with you.

17 Templates to Streamline Communication With Your Members in 2024

  • DataTrak?s ?dashboard:? under-used and brimming with info that you can use to make stronger business decisions and to better monetize your customer base. (If you don?t know what I just said, you need to call me!)
  • Owners? and Members? Login on Incredible resources within a few seconds.
  • MYiCLUBonline and ClubApps connections. Real-time services, scheduling, and much more at your fingertips.
  • Scads of Online Video Demo Helps in A/V format. Just click ?n go to educate yourself and staff.
  • News articles that offer cutting-edge info on everything from smart devices to workout buddy importance to healthy lifestyles. Like having your own library on-demand!

And there?s a heckuva lot more! I?ve rated ABC Financial?s website as the most useful and easiest-to-get-around in the entire club management software industry. If you?re not using these assets every day, I think you?re at best being short-sighted and at worst being foolish. Get in touch with your advantages!

(Michael Scott Scudder is Founder/CEO of Fitness Business Council, the independent club business network. He can be contacted at 575-751-1212 or