The Skinny On Facebook Ads for Fitness Clubs

junio 25, 2012

Scattered throughout cities everywhere, small health clubs are trying to find ways to gain members amidst greater competition.  These fitness centers (perhaps your gym is one of them) may be small ? but they offer a big range of amenities for the right audience ? and they are looking for just as big of a way to get the word out.

For these fitness centers, advertising on Facebook ? in other words, going beyond just a page presence, is worth consideration.  Here?s the skinny on Facebook advertising for fitness centers:

  • You Can Do The Work Yourself ? You don?t need a sophisticated marketing department or PR firm to advertise on Facebook.  The network has a user-friendly online platform so you can create your own campaign.
  • You Can Create A Budget ? Just like any solution designed to help you ease club management, from fitness center software to facility upgrades, you will run up against one constant: budget. Facebook knows that this holds true for your advertising, as well, and allows you to pay on a cost-per-click basis with both set daily or lifetime limitations.
  • You Can Determine Your Audience ? Smaller, local fitness centers don?t need to advertise to an extensive audience.  When you establish your ad settings, Facebook will tell you exactly how many people are in your audience ? allowing you to adjust settings for a more targeted reach.
  • You Can Link To Your Website ? Your Facebook ad can quite naturally link to your Facebook page but you can also link to your external website.  Just be sure your ad, Facebook page and website use corresponding images to maintain branding consistency.
  • You Can Display Multiple Ads ? Want to test different ideas for headlines, images and content?  Develop a collection of ads and Facebook will pick one at a time to display.  That way you can cull the ads that perform from the ones that don?t.
  • You Can Measure The Results ? Did your Facebook ads lead to a purchase of one of your fabulous personalized workout shirts, newsletter signup ? or even a new membership? By using the campaign measurement feature on Google Analytics, you can determine where your prospects go ? and what they do ? after they?ve clicked your ad.

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At ABC Financial we?ve recently expanded our suite of solutions beyond fitness center software to include custom membership apps for Facebook. Contact us to learn more about integrating Facebook with your fitness center marketing.