Health Club Marketing: Automate Your Twitter Account To Attract and Retain New Members

enero 4, 2012


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Seems like the challenges of staying at the top of the health club field never ends ? not only do you have to incorporate the best fitness management software, you need to find creative ways to recruit and retain your members 24-7.It?s enough to send any health club manager to the treadmill for a relief run. But fear not, we?ve got an automation secret that will set your Twitter strategy in play with better results and less of a time commitment on your part.

Tweet your way to success

No doubt you?ve jumped into social media with a Twitter account. The challenge then becomes tweeting for optimal results.

Of course you need 140 characters of compelling content but you also need to send it out into the Twitterverse at the right times.

It doesn?t make sense to send your tweets out at all hours of the day when your target audience is most likely to check in with you between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., for example.

And then there?s the element of trying to understand how your tweets are performing. How do you keep track of the clicks and retweets your content produces?

Give your health club marketing a boost with these Twitter automation tools:


Timely is a wonderful tool that makes timely tweeting possible every day. If you?ve never tried it before, you?re invited to enter your Twitter account for a test drive. By adding your tweets to Timely, they?ll be published when they achieve the highest impact.

Timely does this by evaluating your last 199 tweets to figure out the optimal time slots and then automating your tweets to fit that schedule.

They?ll follow those results and develop your unique health club tweet plan.


A comprehensive dashboard of analytics helps Hootsuite deliver all the analytics you could ever ask for. You?ll be able to track how your health club fares on Twitter by tracking metrics such as brand sentiment and follower growth. You can even access these details anytime through the site?s mobile app.

Another great feature is the ability to batch-schedule up to 50 unique messages at a time. This way you can have one team member schedule 1 hour per week to find great content your members and prospects will love, upload all the tweets at once, and let the automated tool send them out when your followers are most likely online.


Like Timely, Buffer allows you to schedule your health club tweets for optimal timing. Buffer also provides the analytics to help measure how well your tweets are effectively driving membership to your club.

Buffer differs from Timely in that it offers three options when using their tool. You can get a free plan that covers one Twitter account and a queue of up to 10 tweets at a time; you can purchase the Pro plan for $10 per month for three Twitter accounts and a queue of 50 tweets (plus access for two team members); or you can go all out with the Premium $30 per month plan that offers unlimited Twitter accounts and tweet queues and access for four team members.

Remember, no matter which tool you use, the value of Twitter (and all social media, for that matter) is the level of engagement you create with your audiences. If you want more members and prospects to engage with your club online, you need to keep the interaction alive with a steady stream of great content.

Once you start you?ll see that automation in your social media, much like automation in your health club software, are two tools you just can?t live without. So put that little blue bird to work more effectively, and drive your membership recruitment and retention efforts to new heights of success.

Health club marketing continues to be more competitive every year. Knowing how to leverage the social media channels like Twitter can be a competitive advantage for gyms when the right tactics are used. By automating the distribution of your tweets, you can be sure you are getting the right information in front of the right audience at the right time!