Six Essential Gym Products and Services Members Want

noviembre 3, 2023

In today?s demanding fitness market, gym owners continually strive to deliver the best gym products and services to their members. Beyond being just a place to break a sweat, gym-goers seek value, quality, and memorable experiences.

Understanding these preferences can help you make informed choices and create a more satisfying gym experience. By understanding the key products and services that members want, gym owners can make informed decisions about how to attract and retain customers.

Six Essential Gym Products and Services

1. Facility Quality

One of the top priorities for gym-goers is the quality of the facility itself. They desire a clean, well-maintained space that offers comfort and safety for their workouts.

From the tidiness of locker rooms to the functionality of equipment, members expect a high-quality environment.

2. Product Quality

Gym equipment is at the core of every fitness facility. Members want access to well-maintained, modern equipment that caters to their fitness goals.

A variety of equipment options can also be a big draw, allowing members to diversify their workouts and target different muscle groups.

3. Service Quality 

Beyond the physical environment, members value excellent customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are willing to assist with questions or concerns can make a significant difference in a gym?s reputation?and retention.

This includes having:

  • Knowledgeable and certified personal trainers. Members want to be able to work with personal trainers who are certified by a reputable organization.
  • Group fitness instructors who are motivating and inspiring. Members want to be able to take group fitness classes that are led by instructors who are motivating and inspiring.
  • Friendly and helpful front desk staff. Members want to be able to get help from front desk staff with things like signing up for memberships, booking classes, and getting answers to questions.

4. Emotional Quality

Members want an upbeat and motivating environment that encourages them to push their limits and stay committed to their fitness journey.

Don?t underestimate the power of a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

5. Monthly Costs

While quality matters, affordability is a key consideration for many gym-goers. They seek a membership that is transparent and aligns with their budget and provides good value. 

6. Time

Time is precious, and gym members want to make the most of their workouts. They appreciate facilities that are well-organized, minimizing wait times for equipment, and providing convenient hours of operation to fit into their busy schedules.

The Top 5 Value Drivers in Gyms

Now that we?ve outlined some key gym products and services, let?s take a closer look at how these preferences differ in various types of fitness facilities. Remember that each gym is unique, and different types of gyms offer different value drivers to members.

According to our market research, here are the top five value drivers for traditional health clubs, fitness training gyms, and group exercise studios:

Traditional Health Clubs

  1. An Upbeat and Motivating Environment
    Traditional health clubs should strive to create an atmosphere that energizes and motivates members. This could involve playing upbeat music, having inspiring quotes on the walls, and fostering a sense of community.
  1. A Strong and Positive Reputation
    Building and maintaining a strong reputation is crucial. Members want to feel confident that they?ve chosen a reputable gym with a track record of delivering on its promises.
  1. Modern Equipment
    Keeping equipment up to date is essential. Regularly replacing old machines and adding new ones keeps workouts fresh and exciting for members.
  2. Clean and Well-Maintained Locker Rooms
    Cleanliness extends to all areas of the gym, including locker rooms. Members expect locker rooms to be well-maintained with clean showers, ample supplies, and a pleasant ambiance.

Fitness Training Gyms

  1. A Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere
    Fitness training gyms should prioritize creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This can include trainers who know members by name and encourage them during workouts.
  1. Modern Equipment
    Similar to traditional health clubs, having updated and well-maintained equipment is crucial in fitness training gyms. Members are often looking for specialized equipment that caters to their specific training needs.
  1. Confidence and Trust in Trainers
    Members at fitness training gyms place a high level of trust in their trainers. They expect knowledgeable and approachable trainers who can help them reach their fitness goals safely.

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  1. Proper Air Ventilation
    Proper ventilation is essential for the comfort and well-being of members during intense workouts. Good air quality enhances the overall experience.
  1. A Good Variety of Equipment
    Offering a wide variety of equipment ensures that members can target different muscle groups and engage in diverse training routines.

Group Exercise Studios

  1. Inclusion and Strong Sense of Belonging
    Group exercise studios thrive on a sense of community. Members want to feel included and part of a supportive group that motivates them to attend classes regularly.
  1. Motivating and Inspiring Instructors
    Instructors play a vital role in the group exercise experience. They should be motivational, inspirational, and capable of adapting to different fitness levels within the class.
  1. Availability of Equipment
    In group exercise classes that require equipment (e.g. yoga mats, weights), members expect that the studio provides enough supplies for everyone.
  1. High-Energy and Fun Environment
    Group exercise classes should be high-energy and enjoyable. Members seek an environment that makes working out feel like fun rather than a chore.
  1. Clear and Reliable Communication
    Studios should keep members informed about class schedules, special events, and any changes. Clear communication helps members plan their fitness routines effectively.

How to Recommend Gym Products and Services

Recommending your products and services all starts with understanding your members? needs. 

If a member is new to fitness, you might recommend a personal training session to help them get started. Alternatively, if a member is looking to lose weight, you might recommend a group fitness class that focuses on cardio and strength training.

By taking the time to understand your members? needs, you can build trust and rapport with them. This will make them more likely to listen to your recommendations and purchase the gym products and services that are right for them.

How to Improve Gym Revenue and Member Satisfaction

In the world of fitness, gym products and services play a vital role in member satisfaction.

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Understanding what members want and tailoring your offerings to meet their expectations can lead to higher retention rates and a thriving fitness facility. The good news is that you don?t have to do this alone.

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