Going Green with ABC?s Electronic Membership Agreements

junio 6, 2014

By Steven Thrash
ABC Financial leads the nation when it comes to health club management software for the fitness industry. Their software not only allows entrepreneurs to help grow their business, but serve the environment in the process. It?s time for a greener Earth and a more enjoyable, convenient gym-going experience. It?s time for ABC.
?Going Green? is the terminology coupled with environmental consciousness. And if you want to protect the Earth, while improving your own business, everyone has to get involved in order to reduce pollution, conserve energy and preserve nature. With ABC Financial, club owners can provide a better fitness experience and leave their own ?Green? footprint in the world.
According to Forbes Magazine, renowned as one of America?s leading business publications, the number one step in helping your business acknowledge environmental concerns is to reduce paper consumption. ABC?s DataTrak software helps health club owners begin the paperless process by offering electronic membership agreements.
With electronic processing of memberships, club owners will enjoy the following benefits:

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  • Going paperless = Saving money and saving the environment
  • Attain a members signature digitally for their contract
  • Automatically share agreements with members via email
  • Customizable agreements for your gym?s particular sales process
  • Immediately take members photos; set up orientation
  • Customize members? payment plans with numerous templates.

By utilizing DataTrak, you?re helping your gym save money. And let?s not forget the environment. As a business owner, if you go paperless, you?re immediately cutting down on the consumption of trees. And utilizing today?s innovative computer technology allows more consideration to be given to the environment. Congratulations, you?re now preserving acres and acres or lush forests, plus evolving your own small business.
You are now a crusader for the planet. You and your customers shall certainly see the benefits. Having a better health club, while still acknowledging environmental needs, has never been simpler. ABC Financial?s DataTrak club management software can help your very own health club run smoother and more efficiently. If you?d like more information about DataTrak please call the sales line at 1-800-551-9733, or request a free health club software demo now.