Effectively Recruit And Educate Your Employees

abril 26, 2012

Smart Fitness University is the place for health club owners to effectively recruit and educate all of their employees allowing them to become not only certified personal trainers, but also employees that can sell!

Using state-of-the-art web-based modules, taught by the most respected experts in their field, each employee can receive their NCCA, Nationally Accredited Personal Trainer Certification as well as our highly coveted ?Sales Tools? taught by world-renowned sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer. Continuing education and re-certification are also included.

Manage and monitor your staff?s progress with the click of a button, utilizing easy-access management reports available exclusively to the club owner/manager. One small price per month allows the club owner/manager to recruit, educate and certify as many candidates as they wish! NO OTHER company has this offer!!

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Imagine having your entire staff, from front desk and sales people to group X instructors and personal trainers, armed with the knowledge of a certified personal trainer who can also sell!

Join Smart Fitness as we Revolutionize Personal Training worldwide!

Tracy Kennedy,
Account Executive