Control Access To Your Clubs Data With Report Security

maio 28, 2013

By: ABC Internal Training Department

One of the many benefits of using DataTrak is the ability to edit and run reports. Would you like to see a list of all active members by their join date? There is a report for that. Would you like a list of prospects in mailing label format? There is a report for that. With all of this information available, you might ask, ?how do I keep this out of the wrong hands?? Our Report Security feature is the solution.

By using Report Security, you can grant or restrict access to a report by employee or by security role. Report Security can be found in DataTrak under the Setup menu, beneath the Employee column. To manage Report Access:

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  1. From the drop down menu on the upper left side of the Report Security page, select either employee or security role
    • To manage access to reports for a specific employee, change the view to employee then select the employee you wish to manage
    • To manage access to reports by security role, simply change the view from employee to security role then select the role you wish to manage. In the upper right side of the page you will see a list of users for the selected security role.
  2. In the select reports section, the left column displays reports that are available, the right displays reports that are selected and to which the employee has access.
    • To grant access to a specific report, use the middle arrows to transfer the report from the available column to the selected column.
    • **Note: the top and bottom arrows will move all reports**

You might notice the Reports for User (by Security Role) section in the upper right side of the page. This section displays any reports available to the employee based on their security roles.

Report Security provides a simple, yet effective way to control access to your clubs data. ABC Financial knows your time is valuable and we have provided this feature for your convenience. If you still have questions regarding Report Security, please contact our Technical Support department at 1-877-222-5767 and we will be happy to assist you!