ROI with Mobile Marketing

janeiro 9, 2018


Mobile marketing for the Health and Fitness industry made a big splash in 2017. The ability to communicate instantly with prospects and members through an automated platform reduces marketing costs, increases revenue and helps obtain quick ROI.

Health clubs all over North America are now using SMS mobile marketing for outreach to prospects, new members, birthday alerts, billing notifications, health tips and many more touch points to potential and current members. Mobile marketing has dramatically reduced the need for sending expensive direct mailers, manual phone calls and emails that are rarely opened.

SMS stands for ?short message service?. Consumers are now using their mobile devices for e-commerce and instant communication. Once a member consents to receiving texts, Auto SMS campaigns can be sent through a texting platform with API integration into DataTrak. Consent is obtained through the ABC New Membership agreement and also through opting into a keyword through a short code. If a member no longer wants to receive texts, they simply opt-out by texting ?STOP?.

Mobile marketing has 97% read-rate with messages reaching members instantly, whereas email marketing only has an 18% open-rate. Typically, a text is opened within minutes allowing for quick results bringing new members to your gyms and retaining current members through strategic touch points.

While some CRMs have a prospect texting component, Textmunication offers an entire ?cradle-to-grave? solution that can augment your CRM platform with mass texting capabilities.

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Textmunication, the preferred SMS provider for ABC Financial, has the only pre-sale, point-of-sale and post-sale SMS solution in the industry. They adhere to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines allowing for non-intrusive communication to members who want to receive text messages.

Textmunication has renamed its software platform SAM ? Smart Automated Messaging. The enhanced software upgrade will be available to ABC Financial health clubs in early 2018 providing an updated User Interface (UI), updated dashboard, real-time reporting and increased throughput. Rich Communication Service (RCS) will also be available in early 2018 allowing for higher quality picture messaging, graphics and video. To learn more on how SMS mobile marketing can positively impact your business, contact Nick Miniello ? or 800-677-7003