One Team to Turn Fitness Visions Into Seamless Reality

julho 6, 2023

This year has been an incredible one for us so far and one we?ve been thrilled to share with you, from the unveil of our new brand at IHRSA through to what is culminating today ? the launch of all the ABC Fitness platforms under our new brand identity. Already united under our shared vision and mission, the launch of the new look and feel across the whole team really marks a moment for us as we continue on in our evolution of turning the visions and passions of fitness owners everywhere into seamless realties as the only integrated fitness technology solution in the industry.

The world of fitness technology continues to evolve to ever-changing consumer demands: more personalized experience, more holistic to include fitness and wellness and accessible wherever they are. We believe in a world where everyone can be their best self and live their best life. And we believe our customers ? passionate fitness professionals from all around the world play a big part in making this a reality for people every day. We know that running a fitness business can be hard work. That it can get in the way of our customers delivering that reality. But we also know this is a problem we can solve. Must solve. The right technology, doing the right things in the right places, can make those business processes painless.

In saying that we can turn fitness visions into seamless reality, we have made a big promise. Now, we relentlessly pursue the delivery of it.

?We built ABC Ignite as the next generation of club management software with 40+ years foundation of payment processing and DataTrak. Since its launch, Ignite is the chosen solution for fitness clubs and franchises everywhere because we make it easy to streamline your front desk and revenue cycle management, maximize member retention and have a stable and scalable infrastructure for the future. Growth-minded operators choose to partner with us every day because of our proven outcome.? Khal Rai, President ? ABC Ignite

?Innovation remains at the heart of ABC Glofox. We are constantly looking to solve our customers? problems using the simplest technology and it?s no surprise four studios or gyms sign up with ABC Glofox every day around the world. The team is 100% focused on fitness and it shows: we?ve built a powerful and intuitive solution that helps our customers grow their revenue; whether you are a fitness studios for HIIT, pilates, boxing, cycling or yoga, or a gym franchise anywhere in the world.? Conor O?Loughlin, President ? ABC Glofox

?Since our humble beginning in Brazil 15 years ago, we have grown to support the top fitness club and gym brands in Latin America. All of this is possible because we believe in ?Obra? which is our unrivaled passion and dedication to the achievement of supporting our clients. While we are very proud of our technology and innovation, we never take for granted the trust our customers have given to us to help them grow their business.?  Paulo Akiau, President ? ABC Evo.

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?The one thing we know in Fitness that?s constant, is that the technology is always evolving. Since that first mobile app we launched (for Blackberry!), we?ve been able to empower over 400,000 trainers and coaches around the world to support their clients? workouts, meals and daily habits. We understand the relationship between the coach and their client is so important to achieve their best life, that?s why we are excited to continue our journey at ABC Fitness and continue our vision to make that experience seamless for both the coaches and their clients.? Sharad Mohan, President ? ABC Trainerize

It?s just the beginning

Through this exciting evolution, our combined expertise, innovation and strength as one team will transform the fitness technology industry. We?re thrilled to celebrate this new chapter for ABC Fitness?we can?t wait to see what we create together.

Interested in joining our global team? If this sounds like a mission you share with us, perhaps you could help us on our journey. View opportunities here.