Is Your Gym Ready For The 2015 New Year’s Resolution Rush?

dezembro 15, 2014


With the New Year just around the corner, gym owners are gearing up for the post-holiday rush ? after all, the first week of January is to health clubs and fitness facilities what Black Friday is to retail stores!

New members will be looking for a facility where they can fulfill their New Year?s resolution to lose weight, exercise more or take up a new sport, while existing members will be eager to work off all those holiday treats!

Here?s some quick tips on how you can prep your gym for the post-holiday, New Year?s resolution rush:

All Hands On Deck

January is definitely the busiest time of the year at fitness facilities, so be sure to have lots of staff on hand to sign up new members, conduct tours and ensure everything runs smoothly. Prevent conflicts between members over equipment usage by maintaining a strong staff presence on the gym floor, and make sure your facility rules are clearly posted, including any time limits on cardio machines.

Keep It Spotless

With the inevitable influx of members, your equipment will be getting quite the workout! Keep everything spotless (including the washrooms and showers) by doubling-up on your maintenance schedule for January and ordering extra disinfectant and paper supplies now. Remember that January isn?t just New Year?s resolution season, it?s cold and flu season too!

Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

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The fitness industry is highly competitive ? in some markets there are dozens of gyms battling to earn new membership dollars, so it?s important to offer both new and prospective members a reason to pick your facility. What sets your gym apart? Consider offering a unique product, service or ?perk? that appeals to members, such as cutting-edge classes, specialized equipment or ?extras? like a juice bar.

Go Paperless With Electronic Membership Agreements & Automatic Billing

Here at ABC Financial, we make new member recruitment easy with our paperless electronic membership agreements that save you time and money, while ABC?s comprehensive fitness club management software e payment processing services can help your gym collect more revenue from more members.

To learn more about how ABC can deliver real-world membership and financial services for your facility, contact us today!