How Health Club Software Manages Membership Ebbs and Flows

agosto 25, 2012

Managing the flow of membership is a challenge for every health club. Summertime, of course, can be particularly challenging, but your club will experience swings in membership throughout the year, sometimes even when you least expect it.

Fortunately, with the right health club software you can make quick, fact-based decisions that help take the pain out of membership retention. Here are some ways in which the right software helps you make those important business decisions:

  1. Report customization. Standard reports are handy time-savers, but they don?t always include the information you want. The right software will allow you the ability to create an unlimited number of customizable reports.Once you have identified the custom report types you need, you can analyze data and determine what?s really happening at your health club. For instance, are you seeing spikes in new membership that sync with certain types of promotions or class offerings? Or are you seeing memberships lapse during unusual seasonal timeframes? The reports you view may indicate what you can do to increase membership rates in nearly any season or scenario.
  2. Enhanced templates. Reports that come pre-loaded into your health club software serve a useful purpose as well. With every new release or update, you can usually expect additional templates to be offered. Be sure to examine these new templates carefully, as most will be built to help you analyze useful data that you may not yet have considered.
  3. Mobile access. As a health club owner or manager, you can?t always be on premises and you may not have the ability to haul a laptop PC with you everywhere you go. But, you probably own a smartphone.Your health club software should allow mobile access to reports. That way, if you have a few minutes to spare while you?re out and about, you have a tool handy with which you can analyze your reports.

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If your current software isn?t helping you make effective business decisions, consider how much better your club could be functioning with the right product in its hands.

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