Bring Your Health Club to the Forefront with a Netpulse App

fevereiro 5, 2015


By: NetPulse

A personalized health club app can enhance your members? club experience to the point where they?re never more than a phone tap away.

You don?t have to be a tech analyst to see what?s happening. Did you know that over 80% of health club members own a smartphone? And nearly all your members carry their smartphones around everywhere, including at the club. Apps are the best time killers for Americans, and according to a recent Nielsen report, the average number of apps smartphone users? access each month is approaching the 50 benchmark. If ever there was a time to rethink your approach to member experience, this is it. Keep your members connected to your club with an app that is designed to catch their eye with an immersive, professional and user-friendly interface.

How will your mobile app make your club stand out?

To begin with, a customized app will draw in the attention of potential club members thanks to its appealing design and easy-to-use functionality. It will also provide existing members with the opportunity to manage their club services, review their fitness progress and access optional features instantly, empowering them to take matters into their own hands and freeing up your staff?s time for other activities.

Registration, check-in, class viewing, social sharing, payment and profile management are some of the basic app functions that members have come to expect of their health clubs. But your app will be able to do so much more than that; try the Netpulse platform and enjoy location-based deals, club purchases using the club card on file, group fitness schedules with enrollment capabilities, workout tracking, barcode check-in, push alerts with club news, reward programs, referrals and access to all club social media platforms.

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Each time members and prospects download your club?s app they are essentially subscribing to you. This means they will receive instant communication from you via push alert notifications. Push alerts pop up on the home screen of their phone like text messages for maximum member and prospect connectivity.  Push alerts should be used to communicate breaking club news, promotions and to drive members into different aspects of the club and points of entry into different departments in your mobile app.  They can be spur of the moment ideas or scheduled and setup in advance and sent to everyone in a targeted geographic area.

Alerts are the most effective, efficient, widespread and focused means of communication with your members because they reach out, over a device that is private, personal and permanent.

Affiliate programs are also supported by the Netpulse app platform. Give members access to a broad range of discounts and special offers provided by partners. It?s a win-win situation for all those involved, and these little perks can put you ahead of the competition.

Your app can be the answer to every question your members may have. Train your staff to remind members that the app is a convenient way to find quick and easy solutions. Have staff help members with the download, and ease their workload significantly from then on. Leave the rest to us and enjoy your business with all the new, exciting things it can offer.