6 Reasons DataTrak is the Club Management Software You Need

janeiro 26, 2016

By: Ali Adcock

Are you a gym member, owner or simply an entrepreneur looking to open your first gym? Deciding on which club management software is right for your club can be difficult. We?re here to help make that decision easier for you.

What does ABC Financial?s club management software offer?

Our club management software, DataTrak, is designed as a secure database that is user friendly for club owners and employees. Through DataTrak, you can manage members, prospective members, check in?s, agreements, recurring services, and employees and much more.

Member Management

Member Management allows you to add and delete invoices, cancel and freeze memberships, and view a member?s complete history. If your member information causes you headaches because it doesn?t update automatically, then your favorite part of our member management will be the real time member updates!

Prospective Members

We make it easy to add prospective members and convert them to members. Discovering the source of why a prospect visited your club is important to your marketing campaign and through DataTrak we can monitor and report on these issues.

Member Check In

Member check in is quick and easy! Members can be checked in multiple ways ? barcode key tag, key fob, biometric/pin code or simply by searching a name in our database. Whether you have a staffed gym 24/7 or your members need to check themselves in, we make it easy for everyone.

Electronic Membership Agreements

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Save the trees and your gym some money! By using our electronic agreements you can easily email agreements to members, customize payment plans, and digitally capture signatures.

Recurring Services

Does your club offer personal training, child care, group exercise classes, tanning, etc.? Don?t let these recurring services cause you and your employee?s headaches when it comes to managing and billing. Setting expiration dates and even holding unfunded sessions until they?re funded are only a couple of the great features we offer to help manage these services. Our club management software makes it easy for you to create and customize specific plans for recurring services.

Employee Management

We?ve made managing employees just as simple as managing members. From clock in to commissions, employee management is a breeze. Figuring commissions is as easy as creating employee groups by departments. You even have the ability to set different security levels for each employee, a group of employees, or an entire department.

Running your business can seem stressful at times, but with DataTrak and the great employees of ABC on your side it?s simple. Let us take the dirty work off your hands and create a streamlined way of running your business. Give us a call at 1-800-551-9733 or request a demo of the best gym management software around.