Making Life Easy for Gym Front Desk Staff with ABC IGNITE

marzo 29, 2022

Keeping up with technology and gym front desk staff needs

Changes in the way members interact and engage with fitness have required clubs to adopt innovative programs, technology, and additional staff. It?s no secret that the great resignation is among us, and in order to keep staff happy, engaged, and present, club operators need to be thinking about more than just the member experience ? they need to be thinking about the staff experience, too. Beyond helping run your club more efficiently, IGNITE Membership y Operations modules simplify how you manage your staff and how they work, day in and out.

Simplifying club management

With IGNITE Membership and Operations, clubs will be able to reduce the time spent on their new employees? onboarding thanks to the platform being easy to navigate with its user?friendly design. New employees will be ready hit the ground running to start serving members after very little time spent on training; some clients have equated the features? intuitiveness to social media, with their staff picking it up in as little as 30 seconds! ?This is great for any managers or operators, especially when you think about the employee turnover in the industry.?

Front desk staff and Personal Trainers will also love IGNITE because it makes their daily tasks easier and helps them better focus their time. Club announcements on the new Club Home page will help with coaching needs and increase sales performance while the quick access tool saves time by putting the most used menu tabs at their fingertips, regardless of where they are in the platform. The added flexibility to multi-task by making new entries on Club Home and reviewing activity and member purchases will help front desk employees answer questions quickly and operate more efficiently. Staff can access member accounts and payment information without a disruption to the check in process, boosting productivity and lessening any long lines at the front desk.

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How IGNITE supports club front desk staff

Time is valuable for everybody, so being able to engage better with members, operate more efficiently, and simplify the daily operations of club employees are just a few of the benefits of using ABC IGNITE. Your staff will:

  • Feel more engaged when they can see how their roles impact business goals
  • Be able to multitask and focus on member engagement with the help of simplified workflows
  • Spend more time doing what they love, increasing job satisfaction and retention

While your staff enjoys the convenience of IGNITE Membership and Operations, as operators you will see an increase in revenue and life-time value (LTV) of membership because your staff will have more time to focus on serving members. We all know that happy employees lead to happy customers!