Ms. Manners Goes to the Gym

maio 9, 2014

By: Hope Osborn
Don?t you get angry when someone cuts you off on the road or cuts in line at the local coffee shop? What about when you have to listen to music blaring from the open windows of another car or an animated phone conversation during class? Thoughtlessness can carry across the roadway, in the office, and even into the gym, and you and I may have even been a bit unknowingly careless ourselves. The world is full of people all trying to go about their own business, and with all those preoccupied people we all have a need to share courtesy.
Here are some tips for using good judgment in working out at the gym amongst your fellow fitness enthusiasts.
Fashion Trends ? Go ahead and wear that cool, comfortable, and colorful attire to the gym, but be sensitive to how that outfit affects others. If it is too tight, stretching, bending, and twisting will show off more than you or your neighbors care to see. If it is too loose, whether it is clothes or hair, it could get caught in the equipment.
Toxins ? We all want to look and smell fresh, but in the midst of working up a good sweat, whatever we are wearing in the way of make-up, cologne, or perfume is being emitted as airborne toxins. Be considerate of yours and your neighbor?s health and limit or wipe-off excess chemicals.
Professional Courtesy ? If you are new to the gym, take advantage of a professional who can show you around and tell you the rules and policies. Don?t stumble over them on the way to the treadmill.
My Space ? Allow others the space needed to be in shape. Don?t block walkways with your stretches, and be mindful of leaving the contents of your gym bag strewn out in the locker room.
Each to His Own ? Remember that blaring car music? Keep the noise down by not having loud phone conversations, chit chatting with a friend in class, or banging the equipment down. Use your ear buds and resist the temptation to hum or sing.
Pick up Your Toys ? Isn?t it so much easier when you find equipment in its place and don?t have to hunt for it or change your workout because it isn?t where it should be? Consider the next person as you put it back.
Share ? Allow others to ?work in? in between your sets on the weight machines or with the dumbbells. Friendliness doubles your fitness health in boosting your endorphins.
Expert Advice ? Unless you are a trained professional, be kind and don?t give advice on exercise. Good training is important in keeping people from getting hurt and in getting a good workout.
Finishing Strong ? You have had an awesome workout and you are ready to hit the shower. Before you clean yourself up, stop a moment and clean off the equipment you just used. And after you shower, stop one last moment and clean up after yourself in the locker room.
Be thoughtful on the road, in the office, and at the gym and do yourself and Ms. Manners proud.

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