Features of Club Management Software That Can Help Grow Your Business

maio 7, 2014

By: Lacey Thacker

There?s nothing like the personal touch when it comes to managing a business?especially health clubs. The smiling face at the reception counter, a knowledgeable trainer, and tidy facilities are often the main things people will note when discussing with friends their choice of workout venue. Management likely works to make each of these features appear effortless. While returning members maintain your business, referrals are what build your legacy.

If you?re still relying on a basic check-in system without any additional features, you may be losing business. A strong software system can do a vast amount of work for you in retaining members, building new client relationships, organizing the gym?s schedule, and maintaining commission schedules for trainers, storing digital documents, and more.

The latest club management software provides many significant features: Member check-in, online registration for new members, online class sign-up, point of sale functionality combined with integrated Merchant Services, software maintenance and backup, inventory management, calendar, electronic agreements and waivers, employee management, and locker management.

How does this benefit you, the gym owner? Envision a potential member walking into your gym, greeted by your employees, and they are already a brand new member of your gym. How? They joined online and enrolled in your 2 PM Body Pump class. The only thing left for your employees to do would be to provide your new member with a key fob for check-in, give them a tour, and answer any additional questions they might have.

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The benefits? Multiple.

  • The new client was able to ?impulse join? online, creating an immediate sale while your employees are actively working on member recruitment in-house
  • All documents are electronically signed and stored
  • The significant time spent online means the new member already has familiarity, and therefore a higher comfort level, with the gym
    • Higher comfort and familiarity = higher attendance and retention of clients
  • Because the new member was able to join a class online, their spot is guaranteed?ensuring their trip to the gym isn?t wasted

A similar benefit is present for your employees and trainers.  Scheduling means your employees are able to stay on top of their commitments, and you can see at a glance who should be doing what, at what time, and how often.

While you and your employee?s personalities and customer service skills may be the first thing clients think of, it?s stable and comprehensive club management software will allow everyone to do what they do best.  You can be assured the calendar, member maintenance and billing organization is taken care of appropriately, allowing your business to grow and thrive. Your members?and your employees?will thank you.