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6 Reasons Why Your Gym, Health Club, Or Fitness Training Business Should Make The Switch To ABC Financial Services

Changing vendors can seem hard when it comes to a gym, health club, or any fitness training business. There is a lot to consider when evaluating software, technology, and payment processing service options. With so much going on in a fitness business day in and day out and with technology continuing to evolve so quickly making a switch from one fitness technology platform and billing system to another can seem daunting.

Given what an impact software platforms and billing systems can have on any fitness business, smart companies are discovering the value of using an experienced billing and technology partner. This is important because it is not only a key to enhancing how the business operates, even more importantly it is an essential aspect of the profitability of a fitness business. Having access to quality data, reliable systems to support great member experiences, and trustworthy billing and collection processes are simply a must. Having a partner who understands your fitness, gym, or health club business is even more valuable.

Great companies are built by great teams. With the leading expert in technology, payment, and billing services for health clubs and gyms on your team you can better focus on getting your fitness business to reach its potential. That is why ABC Financial is an essential aspect of the success of thousands of its entrepreneurial fitness business clients.

ABC Financial has decades of experience helping fitness entrepreneurs realize their dreams of growth and success. For nearly 38 years our fitness business expertise, cutting edge technology, and top quality customer service have made a big difference in fitness businesses across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. We help fitness businesses deliver a better member experience, while improving collections, and reducing delinquencies.

So why should you consider ABC Financial to be your technology, payment processing, and billing solution partner? Here are six key reasons.

1. We Are Your Business Partner First

The mission at ABC Financial is two-fold: be the resource for cutting-edge technology in the health club, gym, and fitness industry and maximize collections from the highest percentage of members on a daily basis.

What drives us is an obsession with creating “Raving Fans” by running through brick walls for our fitness industry clients. We are your business partner first and have supported gym and health club operators with business expertise that goes beyond just our award-winning systems, technologies, and services. We have been a part of the growth story for some of the leading and most successful health club, gym, and fitness training facility brands.

2. We Make Conversion Easy With Hands-On Support

Our conversion processes are the best and most simplified in the industry. We have a well-developed orientation process with a “boots on the ground” approach to support your implementation and hold your hand along the way. After implementation, our team of customer support professionals are available to “run through brick walls” for you. When making the switch to ABC Financial Services you are in good hands.

3. We Help Enhance Your Profitability

We often find that our clients get great financial results by improving their financial processes, insights, and collections using our solutions and services. We can show you not only how improvements in collections can enhance your gym or health club’s bottom line but also guide you with ideas and strategies on how to maximize our solutions to make your business more successful and more profitable.

4. We Have Our Hands On The Pulse Of Tomorrow

Our integration marketplace is built on a wide array of technology solutions and with reliable partners that work with our platforms to provide a range of cutting edge technology and business solutions. This enables ABC Financial to provide customizable integrated systems and services that meet your fitness business needs.

Our organization and executive team are some of the most forward-thinking experienced leaders in the industry. Check out the ABC Innovation Podcast to listen to the latest in trends and solutions from some of the global leaders in the fitness industry. Our technology roadmap and investments in new technologies are leading to even more valuable services and solutions for our gym, health club, and fitness training center clients in the years to come.

5. We Are One Of The Most Secure Platform Available

Cyber-security is becoming more and more important when it comes to systems, billing, and collections. We are PCI compliant and employee cutting edge security applications and professionals to protect your member and your data. With nearly 38 years in the industry as a leader in security solutions, you need to have the most trustworthy partner in the business.

6. We Are In The People Business Just Like You

Becoming a part of the ABC Financial community means that you will never have to worry about working through challenges alone. It means you will never be without support when working to meet your fitness business goals. While we have been recognized with industry awards for our efforts in the industry, what matters most is the success of our clients. Our team is here to help you scale your business and maximize its potential. We are a people first company and our job is to help you deploy solutions that make your business work.

About ABC Financial

We are the nation’s leading software and payment processing provider for health clubs, gyms, and fitness facilities. Our comprehensive offerings include payment processing solutions and advanced health club management tools, such as DataTrak, that allow gym owners and managers to track and manage memberships and member and employee schedules, drive member engagement, and automate payment processing functions. The company’s software has won numerous design and feature awards, such as Club Industry’s Best of the Best and IHRSA’s Vendor of the Year


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